Different types of vinylflooring

A guide to the different types of vinyl flooring

A history of laminate flooring

Different types of vinyl flooring.

A Review of Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring

There are several kinds of flooring available and it can be tough to comprehend the differences between the various types available. If you think that all vinyl flooring is the same, think again. Vinyl flooring comes in all different colours, textures, and designs. Adding Vinyly flooring to your home may be an intelligent investment, but you'll only know whether the material is correct for your house by weighing up the advantages and disadvantages.

Want Vinyl Flooring?

As noted above, vinyl is manufactured in a variety of colours and designs which can be either solid and transparent. It is incredibly durable and very cost effective and is a good option to consider because it can be considerably cheaper than most other flooring options while remaining very realistic in both look and texture. The various forms of vinyl are laid in a variety of different ways, depending on the type of sub-floor you begin with. When you have decided which sort of vinyl flooring you want to install, you will then need to choose whether you want to opt for a perimeter bond or a fully bonded floor.

The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring

By answering a number of simple lifestyle questions, you will able to understand which type of flooring is best suited for you. You're able to choose flooring that's either hard or soft and pick from a wide selection of many different styles and colours.

Laminate flooring can be found in many distinctive patterns which may resemble various types of natural wood or ceramic tiles. It looks quite similar to traditional wood flooring, however, laminate floors are typically easier to install and more durable than wood. It offers the beauty of real hardwood floors or stone tiling, however, it is approximately two-thirds the cost of them. Low-maintenance laminate flooring delivers a great number of styles, colours and patterns.

Vinyl typically comes in 2 different types. Sheet and plank. Sheet vinyl is similar to lino flooring and is laid in the same way as a carpet it. Plank vinyl flooring joins together via inserts to form a solid floor. Also in the plank variety are the tiles, which again slot together to form a solid surface.
Vinyl flooring includes good insulating properties and is easily repairable if it becomes damaged.

Good vinyl flooring offers flexibility, versatility, and can be produced in a variety of shades and patterns. It is a very popular choice among homeowners, especially for Kitchens and Bathroom Installations and helps completely change the feel of a room at the fraction of a cost of traditional hardwood or stone.

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