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Alternative flooring

Alternative Flooring is an award-winning, UK-based carpet and rug manufacturer providing rich textures, innovative designs and the finest wool, sisal, coir, seagrass, jute and faux materials.

Whether you’re looking for a carpet, rug or runner, Alternative Flooring is inspired by nature, with many years of experience crafting floor coverings with beautiful textures to elevate depth, interest, and richness in the home.

Having collaborated with some of the UK’s top designers, creating exclusive patterned carpets, including Ashley Hicks, Margo Selby, Ben Pentreath and Ella Doran, Alternative Flooring creates sophisticated, luxurious, naturally soft carpets and rugs. They have also handpicked various famous Zoffany and Liberty fabrics, delivering a medley of gorgeous colour tones and inspiring designs.

Explore Alternative’s design-led textures, patterns and colours

Five reasons to choose Alternative Flooring

  1. With wool carpets, natural carpets, Quirky B patterns (The Margo Selby Collection), natural rugs, runners and faux synthetic floor coverings, Alternative Flooring drives innovates with a “creative dose of British heritage”.
  2. With a wide variety of natural carpets, you can explore their eco-conscious, hard-wearing, and comfortable materials like seagrass, sisal, coir and jute.
  3. Alternative Flooring provides a refreshingly unique and discerning take on textures and patterns, collaborating with some of Britain’s top designers.
  4. A wide variety of runners, including stripes, plains and herringbones, giving you the freedom to play with materials, texture, tones and patterns.
  5. New faux carpets, rugs and runners have the visual texture of sisal, offering excellent protection against the elements, meaning they can be used virtually anywhere inside and outside the home.

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