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Crucial Trading

Crucial Trading’s journey began in 1986 with the company born out of a passion for producing and selling floor coverings made of natural materials.

With a rich heritage and decades of experience, Crucial Trading is a true innovator in the world of interior design, with luxury wool, jute, sisool, seagrass, and sisal carpets and rugs lovingly made with style, sustainability and sophistication in mind.

If you’re looking to elevate your room’s décor and grace your home with a floor covering that’s classy, cosy or full of rugged charm, you’ll find the perfect look for your home in Crucial Trading’s beautiful collections. The natural fibres deliver a sense of space and serenity, with various designs that can be completed with cotton or leather borders for a clean and classy look.

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Why choose Crucial Trading for the finest floor coverings?

  • Crucial Trading’s designers source the very best fabrics across the globe (from a physical and principled standpoint).
  • Explore luxury wool, jute, sisool, seagrass, and sisal carpets and rugs, which showcase creative weave designs and inventive use of colours and patterns.
  • Over three decades of experience specialising in the art of designing and producing natural flooring that’s timeless, durable, stylish, comfortable and hardwearing.
  • Crucial Trading is the original sisool specialist, and the first to produce this new blend of floor covering in the UK, setting a new trend for the combination of tactile sisal and soft wool.
  • From soothing mellow tones to bold patterns and vibrant colours, Crucial Trading knows what it takes to create the ultimate style statement.

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