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Fibre flooring

Fibre Flooring has a flair for great design with a reputation in the flooring industry for exquisite natural fibre and wool carpets, rugs and runners.

Fibre makes it easy to find the right texture, pattern, colour, shape and size. Whether you’re seeking a classic wool Devonian fibre flooring, a minimalistic grey fine woven rug or a series of natural carpets and rugs with borders, you’ll unearth a medley of top-quality products that reflects classic and modern designs.

Fibre is an independent company with a wealth of experience supplying natural flooring to UK homeowners and interior designers, transforming the look and feel of a room. Their designers are also intensely focused on delivering ethically and sustainably sourced flooring solutions

Explore Fibre’s tones, colours & textures

Why is Fibre one of the leading natural flooring brands?

  • Fibre Flooring is a fine choice for natural plant fibre and wool carpets, from softening hard floors to adding warmth, sophistication, rich textures and character.
  • Discover floor coverings that are creative, on-trend, inspiring and sustainably sourced.
  • In addition to textured wool, fine woven wool and natural carpets, Fibre also has an extensive range of borders to deliver a clean finish.
  • You’re assured one of the most comprehensive natural carpet and rug collections, with varying textures, colours, patterns and materials.
  • Fibre makes it easy to heighten comfort and make spaces feel more grounded, serving as the foundation of your interior design.

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