How and Where is Sisal Flooring Made?

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How and Where is Sisal Flooring Made?.

Sisal flooring has an attractive, slightly rustic look which is very natural and appealing to the eye. As well, it's quite durable and it comes at different price points. Today, we'd like to help you learn more about Sisal flooring by explaining its main features, as well as where it comes from. Once you've gained a deeper understanding of what this type of flooring is and where it's made, you may decide to purchase it for your own home or commercial space.

Want Sisal Flooring?

Sisal Comes from Mexico

These days, Sisal flooring is made all over the world. However, the first Sisal flooring definitely came from Mexico. It's made from the Sisal plant, which is indigenous to Mexico and which is now cultivated in a range of nations. The Sisal plant is known by the botanical name, Agave sisalana and it's part of the Agave species. It produces a fibre which is stiff and rugged. The fibre is hemplike in terms of strength, appearance and texture.

Sisal carpeting is made when the stiff fibres of the Agave plant are woven together. Sisal plant fibres are also used to make a variety of other products, such as cloth, paper, footwear and hats. You'll even find Sisal fibres in dartboards!

Why Choose Sisal Flooring, Anyway?

Now that you know how and where Sisal flooring is made, let's talk about why people love it. Its benefits are myriad! For example, the plant fibre that Sisal flooring is made from is a sustainable material. It's also biodegradable, which means that Sisal flooring won't fill up landfills! As well, it's super-rugged, so it provides excellent durability over the long term. Also, it's a wonderful flooring choice for those who suffer from allergies. It just doesn't trap allergens the way that some types of flooring do!

In addition, Sisal fibres used in flooring resist static and this means that they help to control humidity. Lastly, this type of carpet will offer superb insulation from sound.

Find Deals on Sisal Carpeting Online

Now that you know more about Sisal flooring and where it's made, and well as how it's made, and you understand its primary benefits, why not shop for it online today? It's loaded with great features, it looks beautiful and it's definitely crafted in order to stand the test of time.

You'll find this flooring at a variety of online retailers, with a variety of price points. So, you should be able to select Sisal flooring which suits your budget and preferences to perfection. You'll find that adding this flooring to an interior adds tons of character and natural beauty. Natural flooring is always special because it's not made from synthetic fibres. It comes straight from Mother Nature.

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