A short history of rugs

Where did rugs come from?

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A short history of rugs

The history of rugs dates back to many centuries ago when Shepherds used to take wool and knotted it into a heavy cloth. These were then slowly developed into rugs that helped to protect the Shepherds and their families from the outdoor elements. It is still not certain where exactly rugs originated from, but there is a belief that they have their origination beginning in Siberia. Over the centuries, rugs have gone from being a very basic fabric to an intricate and detailed form of Art. The early rug manufacturers possessed incredible skills, and were ingenious with their designs and dying of the fabric to produce luxurious floor coverings.

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The trade routes of the past took the rug making skill all the way to China. It soon also made its way into Eastern Europe and Spain as the religious traditions of Islam began to take a hold of these countries. Nowadays, Oriental rugs are seen as extremely valuable and many pieces can be purchased as Investments. Over the years, the depth of the pile and the intricacy of the woven fabric has developed to create durable and beautiful floor rugs. Many rugs get their names from the village or area of where they were weaved, and this is a tradition that dates back to their origination.

The commercialization of rugs and their manufacturer began in England, which made towns such as Wilton and Axminster famous around the world for their rug making capabilities. Axminster rugs are seen as the Ferrari of the rug world, and they commonly feature durable and heavy backings that have been made from cotton or jute. They also feature a whole plethora of textures and intricate designs that make them a price possession in any home they are put into. In 1848 the power loom was invented in America and sped up the production of Floor Covering such as carpets and rugs. These types of floor coverings dominated the market until the 1940s. It was at this point in time that the tufted flooring of today was created.

While many of the modern tufted rugs can be found in homes across the country, many people still prefer to purchase traditionally woven rugs that offer a level of high-quality that cannot be obtained by machine woven rugs. In fact, many handmade rugs from Persia and the east can come on figures of more than £10,000.