What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Underlay?

A guide to carpet underlay

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What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Underlay?

A carpet can make a real difference in the look and feel of your home, but there is more to consider than the pile and colour you want. All too often, people overlook the functional and beneficial underlay that goes underneath it.  Underlay has many purposes, all of which can help keep your home warmer and prolong the life of your brand new flooring. So, what are the benefits of underlay? And why should you always opt to use it?

It Is Soft Underfoot

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You can have the softest carpet in the world, but if you lay it directly on top of a solid stone or concrete floor, then it will feel much harder than it could. Underlay provides a soft cushion for the carpet to be placed on, thus it is softer underfoot. Underlay also helps provide a more level surface for the carpet to be placed on as it covers over lumps and bumps. If you want to have a truly soft and luxurious feel to your floor, then underlay is an absolute must.

It Adds Warmth

Underlay does more than create an even and soft finish to your floor, it also helps keep the room warmer. Most decent quality carpets will be hessian backed, which has microscopic holes in it from the weaving process. These holes allow cold air to seep up through the floor, especially wooden ones.  Underlay creates a barrier between the carpet and the floor, therefore it eliminates any coldness from making its way through to the room.

It Reduces Noise

Underlay helps to reduce noise caused by the feet walking across the floor. This is especially useful when being laid on an upper floor of the home. It also helps reduce noise travelling through the ceiling from lower rooms and creates a much quieter and relaxing room. You insulate your windows with curtains, so why not insulate your floors with underlay.

Final Thoughts On Underlay

Underlay provides all of the above benefits, along with helping your carpet last for longer. The cushioning effect of underlay helps prevent damage to the underside of the carpet, which occurs from general wear and tear. Carpets don’t come cheap, so maximising its lifespan goes a long way in saving you money in the long term. Think of underlay as being an investment, which can be used for decades once installed correctly.