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Which Are the Best Luxury Carpet and Flooring Brands in the UK?

If you want truly exquisite carpeting and flooring and you live in the UK, you should know that a lot of wonderful options are out there. While you may expect to pay a bit more in order to access the highest level of quality, it's safe to say that the best quality is worth a little more. Some luxury carpet and flooring brands in the UK are a lot more affordable than most people expect. Here are a few brands which are worthy of a closer look...

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Quick Step Offers Laminate Flooring Options
If you want the look of real wood, without the maintenance, you'll find that Quick step offers laminate flooring in a range of appealing finishes. The flooring is available in three different quality levels. For luxury flooring, choose the highest level and then select the finish that you prefer. Choices for finishes include Rustic Golden Oak, Reclaimed Grey Oak and Natural Ash, to name just a few. This brand is highly respected and it does offer durable flooring which is simple to install. When you choose the highest level of quality that this brand provides, you'll be getting something which is truly special.

Roger Oates Design Offers Gorgeous Carpeting
Sinclair Till is a fine choice for luxury carpeting in the UK and this esteemed brand also provides flooring solutions with high-end style, quality and performance. You'll love the way that carpet from this brand looks. Consider their stripped stair carpeting for a truly refined look with a lot of richness and dimension. There are so many superb choices that you'll find it’s very hard to make a mistake. If aesthetics and quality are key considerations, you'll fall in love with the luxury carpeting which is produced by this brand.

Ted Todd Offers Stunning Hardwood Flooring
If you prefer to access real hardwood flooring, rather than laminate or linoleum, you'll adore the elegant hardwood flooring designs which are available from ted Todd. This Uk-based firm offers premium flooring with the most refined design elements. Whether you want something simple and luxurious or prefer a style which is ornate, you'll find that Ted Todd offers a superlative inventory.

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Hopefully, our quick guide will help you to find the most impressive carpeting and flooring, for prices which are within reach. These are luxury brands, but they offer excellent value for the money that you'll need to spend. Speak to us for a free consultation.

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